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Repair and regeneration of tissues.


Bio-stimulation treatment of the skin that takes advantage of the platelets present in the patient's blood to stimulate the regeneration of the skin. Produces skin rejuvenation by inducing the formation of collagen and new elastic fibers.


It is a safe technique without side effects due to its autologous nature, that is, the platelets and their growth factors come from the patient himself. Its effects are not immediate: they begin to be noticed a few weeks later. It is advisable to do two sessions a year.


What is facial biostimulation treatment with PRP and growth factors?


They are proteins that perform essential functions in the repair and regeneration processes of tissues. They are found in many cells and parts of the body (macrophages, endothelial cells, monocytes, fibroblasts, bone matrix, platelets). They are responsible for triggering biological effects such as cell migration, proliferation and cell differentiation; fundamental processes for the repair and regeneration of tissues. Within platelets are PDGF, TGF-β and FGF that promote angiogenesis, protein synthesis, the rate of proteins derived from type I and V collagen, and the rate of stem cell proliferation.


Regenerative medicine based on plasma and platelets - plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF) - is emerging as an alternative for tissue repair and generation. Experts have highlighted that promoting the development of biological therapies and minimally invasive procedures will reduce morbidity, improve functional recovery and increase the quality of life of patients, since it will avoid a large part of current surgeries in trauma, maxillofacial, vascular, ophthalmology and sports medicine, etc.


In our Clinics in Alicante, Torrevieja and Murcia we offer the best guarantees and highly qualified professionals to perform this Aesthetic Medicine technique.

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