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What is diode laser hair removal?


Diode laser hair removal is among the laser hair removal systems with the difference that its light is somewhat more penetrating than that of the Alexandrite laser. This greater penetrability of light is more effective when the hair is deeper, as well as allowing the beam to be brought closer to the treatment objective, making the photoepilation treatment more effective.


When is diode laser treatment advisable?


Its application is especially recommended when the hair is thick and dark and the skin phototype is high (from IV). This does not mean that it should not be applied to skins with lower phototypes, it can and also be achieved with totally satisfactory results.

Simply the difference is that with the application of diode laser we provide greater safety for darker skin. The condition is that the hair is thick or medium and dark, since it is in this type of hair that we check its effectiveness.


On fair skin, and as long as the hair is thick or medium and dark, the results will also be satisfactory.

Is diode laser hair removal definitive?


Yes. This type of hair removal ensures that the hair is permanently removed. In each laser session, only active hair follicles are permanently removed, and therefore several laser sessions are needed to permanently remove hair from a certain area.

Who performs this type of hair removal treatment?


Diode laser hair removal is always carried out by a specialized and experienced professional, who sets the guidelines for the patient to follow, carrying out a personalized follow-up of the client, session and treatment evolution.


At Clínica Estética Tcuida Alicante, Torrevieja and Murcia we have the most advanced and effective technology in Laser Hair Removal.

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