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MedioStar Next PRO Alex from Asclepion, is a painless, fast, effective and safe hair removal system.


The SmoothPulse working mode allows for a quick and painless treatment that, together with its integrated skin cooling system, guarantees maximum safety.


In addition to hair removal, MedioStar Next PRO Alex allows rejuvenation treatments and benign pigmented lesions.


Advantages of the Next Alex head: in phototypes IV
• Integrated skin cooling
• SmoothPulse mode for quick and painless treatments
• Lightweight and portable
• No consumables


MedioStar Next PRO ALEX

MedioStar Next PRO Alex has a D-Alex head with a wavelength of 755 nm, with the latest incorporated diode technology, which combines the efficiency of the high absorption of the Alexandrite laser with the benefits in terms of speed and economy diode maintenance.


Its exclusive Top Flat technology, based on the quartz fiber transmission system (TAPER Technology) and diode batteries integrated in the head, allows to treat the entire surface of the spot in a uniform and effective way, prolonging its useful life in the market and minimizing operating costs.


Treatment available at Clínica Estética Tcuida Torrevieja, you can request information and FREE advice by calling 965 71 62 69.

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