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Adipolight is the first equipment that combines 4 different techniques in one session, achieving physiological stimulation of fat metabolism. No incisions, needles, wounds or scars just with:


  • Photolipolysis.

  • Radiolipolysis.

  • Mesotherapy HPC.

  • Adipolight Emulsion.


It can be applied in all areas where there is localized fat, with or without flaccidity: arms, thighs, cartridge belts, jowls, abdomen and both to reduce volume and to combat localized adiposity in stubborn areas.

In our Torrevieja and Murcia Clinics we have Adipolight technology offering our clients the best treatments in body aesthetics.


Thanks to the low-power laser, photolipolysis is achieved that fragments the triglycerides and transforms them into glycerol, fatty acids and water, which will be eliminated through the lymphatic pathways.


Its results are effective and long-lasting.

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