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Radio frequency is the device best known as the FLASH effect , since the results are seen on the same day of your treatment.

At Clínica Estética Tcuida we recommend carrying out several sessions throughout the year to reaffirm the skin on the face and décolleté. In addition, the heat or hyperemia produced in the skin with this technique favors the production of collagen and elastin and prevents sagging.


The application of radiofrequency in organic tissue produces tissue heat (hyperemia) causing the following effects:


  • Vasodilation

  • Increased lymphatic drainage.

  • Increased cellular metabolism.

  • Increased collagen formation.

  • Decrease in wrinkles.

  • Improvement of spots.


Ideal treatment to combat aging and show off firmer, toned and redensified skin throughout the year. Eliminates and improves wrinkles caused by skin aging and photoaging.




  • Dehydration

  • Flaccidity.

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